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Earn 50.00$ For Free By Good Idea for beginner | earn money online 2024

Earn 50.00$ For Free By Good Idea for beginner | earn money online 2024

Within twenty-four hours, as I told you so in the video, I received the amount on my website, or sorry for my wallet, sixty USDT and sixty dollars. 

I need you to focus with me today, and this is because today I will talk to you about the best way to profit from the Internet and a way to earn more than Thirty-five percent of the people who work on the Internet work in this way 

and earn in this way and achieve very, very, very many profits from this method, and we almost do it every day and see it every day, but we do not exploit it in the proper and correct manner. Welcome, guys, this is the site that we are talking about today. 

Earn 50.00$ For Free By Good Idea for beginner | earn money online 2024

What we will use to shorten links, and I want to tell you that this site has many features, so I want you to focus with me to understand these features and how to take the most advantage of the site and earn a good amount from it. 

Initially, when you click on the link, you will click on the word sign up, very excellent. You will write your user name here. Here is the email, here is the password. You will type the password again. After that, you agree to the policies and click on the registration. 

Thus, you have created an account on the site. When you open the site, of course, everything in front of you will be zeros, because of course there are still no statistics on the site. There are still no links you made. There is still no one who has registered. Go to your link. 

How do I work on the site? First, let us explain everything on the site one by one so that you know how to use the site. The first thing you have here is the statistics. 

This is the statistics page. There is a good feature here that tells you that you will take twenty% of your profits if you come to withdraw fifty. One dollar, or you take thirty% if you withdraw $one hundred from your profits, meaning you withdraw $fifty at once. 

Of course, there are very many withdrawal methods and a very small minimum for withdrawing profits, and you can take from $ten to $one hundred when publishing a video explaining our site. This means that if you make a video explaining the site, 

you can earn the amount that is in front of you, and you can also take thirty% from the referral link after that. 

Link management means the links you made, and here are the hidden links. If you, for example, would like to hide links from your statistics, here remains the profits withdrawal box, which we will try in front of you now. 

After I finish explaining the site, I will withdraw $fifty from you and also benefit from thirty%. After that, I have the tools that are Quick Link means a fast link, and here from this field you can shorten twenty links at once instead of shortening a link link. 

No, you can shorten twenty links at once, and this page script remains. If you have a website that would like to create a page that has a lot of links, that means many shortcuts or something, you can shorten this or You can do this through PageScript, and this is the referrals section. Guys, you will find your referral link here. 

You take the referral link and start sharing it with your friends. If you have a website, you have a YouTube channel, whatever it is, you will find your link here. Ok, so how can you guys start using the site? Go like this on New Short Link. Very well, I will start here and post my link, whatever the link is, and let it be, for example, I will post the link to my YouTube channel in this way, guys, and after that I will click on two shorts, 

I will also click on copying this short link, of course I will open this link in New Tab or in the incognito browser, and we will start trying it to see what happens. In order to reach the channel, I step like this and start stepping on Inter in this way. 

Very excellent guys started opening some ads in front of me. Hindus like this on I am not a robot. I clicked like this on the word in green to clear the caps. It opens another page with you and tells you to wait for a few seconds. 

Of course, at this time, ads will appear for you. On this page and these ads are what make you gain the visitor when he is afraid and sees ads. You earn from these ads. I teach you how to earn from shortening links. I teach you how to have a link or have an article and people fear it and earn through it. Don’t be stingy, as long as you fear the link. 

The site is through my article that I am writing for you in the description. It should be useful as much as you benefit. Ok, after that, Hindus on this word that is in green here wrote me “Please Wait.” After that, Hindus on Link Download is very, very excellent. 

Here they say that you are an ad block reactor, so why should we be locked? 

The block ad is here, I will close the ad block for you, sir, as you can see. Guys, after I finished the links that I planned, link and link and link, I was able to connect the other to the channel link. 

Like this, you earn from the links or from the advertisements that the user sees. Someone does not reach the link of the need that is. I want it. 

Ok, let us go back to the shortcut site again. Something important I want to tell you. Do not think that you make links and worry about yourself on this site or this link and start making a profit yourself. The site will discover something like this and may block your account. 

What are the remaining methods for withdrawing from this site and after that? These are the strategies that you are working on to get a lot of visits to these short links. First, we go to setting, and then we go to profile. Of course, this is your data. Fill in the data. 

Your email, your name, your country, and your phone number. There is no problem. Come here and we will see the withdrawal methods. You have PayPal. 

You have Paypal. The Scrill, Bitcoin, Binance, USDT, Elois, Pioneer, CIHBANK, Cash Plus. After that, you have those. You have many methods. 

Orange in Morocco. You have Google Play, five dollars. Google Play, ten dollars. You have all the withdrawal methods available from the site, from the first one dollar up to fifty dollars. 

We will go now and do an experiment for you, and of course in twenty% gift when you withdraw $fifty, you should receive $ten in addition to $fifty. 

You will withdraw $fifty, and if you receive $sixty, I will withdraw the amount to a USDT wallet, which will be withdrawn from the first $ten. I have $fifty. I will start looking up. I will determine the withdrawal method. 

Choose USDT to withdraw the profit from the site. I will withdraw fifty dollars from the site. It will become a USDT wallet. 

After that, click on Confirmation takes me back to the main page or to the logout page. I log in again, and after that I go to the word “wazdro” which is the withdrawal, and when here, as you see, the balance is fifty, I will start clicking on the word 

“withdraw” confirmation, oh, a very excellent confirmation. Your withdrawal process has been completed and is under review. 

They will review your amount and accordingly. The amount will be sent, of course, now with a pendant, and it is assumed that the first time the withdrawal is completed, it will remain or the total withdrawal process is written here, 

and the amount will reach you within one working day, meaning after a day, after twenty-four hours, the amount that you withdrew will reach you from the first one dollar you have until the tenth dollar after fifty dollars, nothing. A problem with your comfort. 

You are like this. You withdraw from the first one dollar. Ok guys. We know the site like this. We know what shortening links is about. 

We now know the strategy through which we start marketing these links. Focus. Stay with me and a pen and paper like this and listen to these two words from me. First, guys. 

We start with Facebook. You start with Facebook. Whether you buy a page or not, you buy a page. You can rent a page on which you can post a post, and this post is his comment in the short link. 

You see a page that has a lot of interaction. For example, in one post, you do not know whether fifteen pounds, one hundred pounds, or fifty pounds for a week is capital, meaning a page that has interaction goes down. For example, a picture of news about a player, news about a big event, news that you don’t know what is important information about, important information that you don’t know why, and you put the link to the video in the comments. 

How much you are is a very small amount, and you will receive a lot of visits on this link shortening site, which will compensate you many times over what you paid in particular. 

Especially if you choose or target Facebook pages with foreign content, imagine that the CBM that sells foreign content is doing something. Above, above, above, excellent. This is one thing. 

Secondly, you come from Instagram and create an Instagram account. You can create reels of pictures about a famous series, a famous news item, or an upcoming match, and start. Download the reels of this photo or a very, very short video and say the link to this video or the link to this series in the bio. 

With the rapid arrival of reels and short videos on the Instagram platform, you will find many people who have accessed the link to access the video or access the trending series or the trending news or anything they see. 

People are looking for it and start exploiting it through these short videos, whether on Instagram or you can also do the same thing on Tik Tok and put your link in the profile and direct people to this link as well. It will also bring very, very many visits to your short link. It remains the topic of the Facebook page. You can do it for free if You have a page. 

You do not have a page. You can pay. Ok, Instagram and Tik Tok. The topic is free. 

There is no problem. From the first short video you will upload on these platforms, you will find many views on it. I mean, I did not open his account and upload the first video. It brought me approximately two hundred or three hundred views from the first video alone. 

Guys, when you see this, guys, exactly on a twenty-four-hour night, as I told you in the video, I received the amount on my website, or sorry, in my wallet, sixty USD, sixty USD.

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