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Earn 20.00$ every two days and earn extra income for beginners | earn money online 2024

Earn $20.00 every two days and earn extra income for beginners | earn money online 2024

The site that I will explain and present to you in today's episode is a site that I have known for more than three years, and if there is proof of withdrawal and profit from the site, there are very many proofs of withdrawal. Citizen Creating is very excellent, guys.

The first time you click on the Facebook link, the site opens with you in this way. You will click on sign up. You write your last name or username here.

You write your email here and the password. After that, you click on register. After that, you get a message on your email to activate your account.

Very excellent. Guys, after logging in to the site, it opens with the page that you see. The first thing here is called Micro Tasks. Very simple tasks.

Earn 20.00$ every two days and earn extra income for beginners | earn money online 2024

Start by clicking on the micro. What tasks? Micro Tasks guys. What are very simple tasks? I have seven tasks available now. I can do them and take a respectable amount from them. Two and thirty cents. Ten cents.

Give forty cents. Do this. Fifty cents. Say fifty-three cents. Do that. Fifty-four cents. Less fifty-seven. This is how we arrived. Sixty cents is something, seventy cents is something, eighty cents is less than one dollar for seven tasks, but it takes you seven minutes.

No, it's okay. Activate your account. Fill in the data, but this requires a desktop or laptop. It will take you how many ten cents. Here, do sign up and fill in your data, and that's it too. You must have a laptop.

You cannot work on a mobile phone. 

Here you sign up and take a screenshot. You take four cents. This requires you to have five minutes. I do not need five minutes from you. I mean, it is very, very easy. 

Guys, the tasks are very, very simple. Before we fear the offers, let us go to the easiest thing, which is the opinion polls. And I will also tell you how to solve it because it meets or this is a problem that meets many people. 

I mean, he wrote to you that these offers are top or the waste of polls. This is the company CBX. This is an opinion poll. For eleven minutes, you have thirty cents. 

This is twenty minutes. You have one dollar and a half. What is ninety cents is the same. The story is twenty minutes, with your hand, one dollar and ninety cents. Okay, guys. These opinion polls work in other countries and countries. 

No, Sunan. Before you worry about the poll, you have your hand, or it asks you for your data: What is your name, age, and education? 

I don’t know what. Okay. You are qualified with this data. If you complete the survey, you will complete it. You are not qualified, then. You will not complete it. 

This is the problem with polls. The fault is in the country. It is in your data that qualifies you for the poll. I hope we understand this point. Of course, he is telling you that fifty cents is equal to half a dollar. 

You have other opinion polls from the company One Ads from this company’s polls, if you click on get started like this. 

You will start writing your email and completing your surveys. If we go to Bid Quiz Company, there are very many surveys, but surveys are at their price and night, but you will find that most of the surveys are working, and here they write all the surveys for you. 

How much of this money is on my side? Two cents, not twenty, and nothing. 

Two cents means two. From ten dollars, it means two cents, because when I was explaining before on a site that said to you, this is twenty one cent in my hand, not twenty, because a point of two, no, this is twenty, it will not be a point of twenty. 

Go learn this mathematics, guys. As for opinion polls, here it is possible in these polls, for example. 

Maybe you can find them, for example, worth one dollar and a half, two dollars, three dollars. Collect them, what are you left with and see why we come to task? The big missions, guys. These are offers and there are missions. 

What are the offers, guys? This is the OverToro company, one of the very important and very powerful companies in the offers, of course. Guys, like the application, let us choose, for example, this application, its applications. 

Hey, it says to you, this application, open it, register in it, collect coins as much as you can. Your profit in it may reach two thousand seven hundred, meaning twenty dollars, or twenty-seven dollars and sixty-nine cents. 

This is the same story, it is an application, but I came out with an opinion about it. About ten dollars or ten dollars and twenty-quarter cents that you carry and you get a dragon of a cent. 

Of course, stay away from lottery applications or applications that are betting. Stay away from them and do not worry about it and do not come next to it. 

This also is an application that you download and register with. Akbar. What else is the intention of AdGate AdGate Company? Guys, it has more money and it has opinion polls. 

It is suitable for the iPhone. It is suitable for the iPad. It is suitable for Android. 

It is okay. You can choose what you want or choose all three together. There is no problem. I will choose the offers. There is a button for everyone here. For example, an account will tell you to register an account on this site. 

Complete more offers and you will get one hundred and fourteen. A cent means one dollar and fourteen cents. This is also an opinion poll. 

You will get two cents for it. An opinion poll for two cents. Here we can only answer opinion polls, and you start completing your profile, or as you see it, you start answering these polls or these questions. If you are qualified, you will start completing the survey. 

If you are not qualified, then it will not be possible for you to complete the survey. 

How can we withdraw our profits from the site? We will go down below, guys and Hindus. This page will open with you. 

Of course, this page will contain your personal data, your name. Of course, the withdrawal from this site will be via Paypal, meaning up to twenty dollars when I followed you through PayPal, 

and I assure you that your PayPal account must be an interactive account, which means linking it to a bank account or even linking it to a reactor visa so that we can send your money to it. 

It is a very important thing that you must take care of, of course. 

Here you write your name, here is the PayPal email, and here is it. You have two options, mother, to withdraw for twenty dollars with a hundred and fifty referrals, or for thirty dollars without any referral, you must refer.

This means that instead of doing twenty in two days, do not do, for example, thirty in three days, and there is nothing and start withdrawing thirty dollars. 

You have a hundred and fifty referrals that have brought, for example, your friends, your friends, have been able to register. 

Through you, you withdraw twenty dollars as a minimum payment, and you are assured that if he sells you on an email that is not interactive, there will be a problem in receiving the profits, or what is PayPal is not interactive. 

This means that after you write your data, you trample on, and when you reach the minimum withdrawal limit, you start trampling on, and here, but the site is in it. 

A small defect is the delay in sending payments. This means that it tells you that when you withdraw your profits, the matter takes, for example, up to ten days before we start sending you twenty dollars of yours, meaning from ten to fifteen days until the payment is sent,

and this is so that they return your account and make sure of the quality of the replacements and the work that you did without Use it after that and you will find it sending you your profits without any problems. Also, the site here has something called, if we click on it like this, it will tell you to work on one of these sites,

meaning after you work on the site and withdraw your profits, God willing, work on these sites with the trust of the site and withdraw its profits and you answer or answer your review link and put your review link here and start following it. 

For the website and the site, you have ten shares, and these ten shares, guys, are like opportunities to start completing a job on the website.

In order to complete a job in the place you are in, it is the same story. You get ten shares, and this is everything about the site that I explained to you in detail from beginning to end. I hope that I am. I was right in explaining everything.

If there is anything I forgot to say, ask me about it in the comments. And God willing, I will reply to you. Don’t forget the competition that we talked about at the beginning of the video so that you can participate with us and be guaranteed to be one of the winners.

 And don’t forget to follow us on the Facebook page, and the most important thing is to like the video to like If you have benefited from the information, others will benefit.

I will see you, God willing, in a new episode. Thank you. May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you.

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