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Earn 2.50$ Every Hour by click on ads | earn money online 2024

Earn 2.50$ Every Hour by click on ads | earn money online 2024

If this is the first time you see me, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Abu Malik, and this is my channel in which we provide explanations for making money from the Internet. I want to tell you that you are lucky. 

In today’s episode, of course, you will think that I am saying something big or exaggerated, but today I am coming to you, whether you are an old follower or are new for the first time. You see, the channel has brought you a very, very, very easy website. 

You can work on it while you are going to university, you are going to work, you are sitting on the bed, and you are watching TV. A very, very, very easy website. Easier than it. I will try as much as possible to bring you something like this, an easy website for us to have fun with. We can earn through it. We collect three dollars from here. We collect from here four dollars. 

Earn 2.50$ Every Hour by click on ads | earn money online 2024

We collect from here five dollars. Together with this, you create good capital for yourself. I mean, as we agree, the profit on free sites is not large. 

You, for example, do not use a strategy to earn from it in a day, for example, ten to twenty dollars. This means that you are entertaining yourself by watching ads that earn. Amounts combined like this. With time, you will find yourself making good capital, meaning in an easy and simple way, and without any exaggeration. 

If you work on the number of sites that we offer here on the channel, they are free and easy sites. You can raise a total in a month that is not less than sixty dollars. Some of you can. I think they will receive a small amount, but in terms of working on these sites or the ease of working on these sites and working on these sites, the amount is very, very, very large. 

Today, just because it won’t be long for you, I will bring you a site that is easier than it. All that you will do, you will watch the video with me, God willing, it will not be a video. Completely long, follow what we are going to say today. Work for yourself. 

Work for your children, your wife, your son. You do not know what to do. Live your life. I make free capital without any conditions for withdrawal, without deposits. 

You are in the business of doing some simple things and earning money without putting in any effort. Stay with us so that this site will not be long for you. What we are going to talk about today, and as you guys see, you can earn up to four cents from one click. Four cents a dollar from one click. 

Also, if you invite one of your friends, you can take one cent for each person you invite. Of course, the minimum withdrawal, guys, is two cents, so you can make them in Less than a minute, there are no claims about something called Upjarid Account. 

I will explain it to you inside. You may not use it normally and it works for free. This is what we need. There is no invitation to say all that you will do after you click on the link. Go to the link and you will click on free sign up. Very excellent, guys. 

This page will open with you. Here you write your user name, of course, in English. Here, the email and password twice. You agree to the policies. You learn on the days of Android Note like this. You created your account on the site. Check your email so that a message will come to you to activate the account. You may or may not come after you log in to the account. 

You will find You have the home page in this form. Here you find Username and Email, and you also find the payment methods that make it easy for you, if you are from anywhere, to withdraw your profits. You have Payeer. You have Perfect Money. 

And you have Al-Fusad Pay. All three are available in the whole world. Even if there is no Payeer, you will find Al-Fusad at any. It is very, very, very easy. And I will tell you how to withdraw your profits. Of course, underneath it shows your statistics and your work on the site. So, what is the subject of the account page? This is what you told me about in the first place. 

Look at this youth, if you want to do it, if you want to do it, what do you want? That's it. This is the free job. You take the cost or profit of the click by a percentage. one hundred%, but if you made an abstract for the premium level, it remains two hundred%. For example, you do not want to earn one hundred% from the click. 

You will return to two hundred%. This next level, guys, it remains three hundred%. The fourth level is four hundred%, and so on until you reach the last level, which reaches eight hundred%, meaning your profit increases. When you create a page for your account, this is due to a commission. I mean, for example, this premium level costs fifteen,zero coins. 

This means that you can actually collect these coins, and then you can see your account or withdraw them at your convenience. So see what you want to do and do not withdraw this as your own. This is for the account page of each account. You don't think your account will have more profit here, of course. Withdrawals are withdrawn in three ways. 

Payeback eight hundred%. Exchange. You are trying to transfer the balance from the main balance, which is the profit balance, to the purchase balance, which you, for example, want to see in your account. You can do this through the amount Exchange or change the balance from the bad balance to the balance of this page. This is the account. 

This is the plan of the page. You have the View Ads, the Daily Bonus, and the Daily Bonus. You have the Daily Bonus. This is something every day that you are afraid to click on. Of course, I did it. It didn’t appear in front of me now. I finished doing it, so every day after twenty-quarter. An hour will appear here like a click like this. 

When you click on it, you will receive your Daily Bonus. It can range from one to sixty. This means that every day you enter, you will find that your bonus will increase. 

Your Direc Traveler will be the referrals that were registered through you and the profit that you received through referrals. You can shop from your link if you have a website. You take the banners and go shopping with it to buy discounts. If you want to buy discounts, do not work. 

I will buy discounts and they will bring me profits. Of course, this is a no-no, because their work does not cost much. 

I mean, as you can see, the discounts profit is one cent, so what do you do with it? Even if it does a lot of work, it is free for you to buy discounts. Withdrawing this money is better for her. Of course, this is an advertiser. 

If you want to make an advertisement, this is not ours. Let's go. Why is it so excellent? Guys, all your moments need you to work on the page, and of course these advertisements are renewed. 

You don't need anything more than that. I enlarged the page for you so you can see what the advertisement says. This is where I sit for five seconds. 

It takes seven out of ten. Do this. The advertisement will play for five seconds as you see. You wait for the next five seconds. They finish. They bring you a picture. 

They tell you to choose the upside-down picture. But they tell you to choose the upside-down picture that this is. Okay. Take your point. We will go back to this again and see the advertisement. Also wait five seconds. Same story. Windows is enough. 

What does it mean, guys? I mean, go ahead and open the page. Don't exit the page until this five seconds. 

I also choose the upside-down picture. That's it. You take your account or take your prize. We close this and see an advertisement as well. I'm just trying to see such an advertisement with you. To show you how the platform increased, it is also five seconds. 

It is a simple topic, as I told you. Of course, from the mobile phone or from the computer, there is no problem. 

Wait two seconds. I do not know what. Choose the inverted image. Thank you. You take your money or the seven out of ten. Ok, let us go back to this and see, guys, our platform we are stepping on. That's it on my account. Nice, guys. Three and a half points. 

I had one and a little bit. Now I have three and a half points. I took something. I took some seconds. Maybe I'm long because I'm explaining to you, but you will be afraid. Click for five seconds. Click for five seconds. It won't take you time. 

The topic is very, very, very easy. Small profits, oh, simple profits. I'm not telling you that you will earn thirty, forty and fifty dollars, but in a month with this site and with the second site, I will tell you that it is the same site. You still have two sites. 

Finish this one, finish this one, finish this one, and finish this one. You will come out with a good profit in the month. Take it. 

This account is on a mobile phone, and this account is on another mobile phone. Take it, son of a job. 

Take it, my wife, I don’t know. You are sitting watching the series. Make a profit while you are sitting. We will change. Do not do anything. 

Do not say anything at all. The profit is simple. It is not. No one starts making a profit from the Internet with ten dollars a day. 

Thirty and forty dollars a day, you have to get a little tired, you have to take it easy on yourself a little, but the end will lead you to gain. Hey guys, the video ads again. The ads are very simple. They are all five seconds. Open the ad. Wait for these five seconds. 

Thank you. Choose the inverted image. We chose the inverted image. That's it. We took the prize. We go. Stay on this website so we can see the draw. 

Of course, the draw is done. You can give your phone to your son. Go, son, work a little on this site. As you see, the issue is simple. Advertisements are an advertising exchange between sites, and you, the beneficiary, in the end say to you, “Here, you have three ways.” Of course, Payeer, Perfect Tamani, and Faust Pay. 

Of course, you have a Stomate Coin that is worth one or ten cents. 

A Stomate Coin is worth ten cents. Of course, because you are still new to the site, the price of your clicks is low. 

The more you work, the more experience you have on the site, the more the price of your click will be. Above, the topic requires you to make a lot of clicks to work a lot on the site. A six-ruble coin is worth six rubles. The ruble is a weak currency. 

I know, as you can see, ten cents means one dollar is worth six thousand coins. This is a lot. No, it is not a lot. While I am talking to you, I will explain it to you in two minutes. Three times, I took this four coins to work on the second site. 

By God, now you will see in front of me what this site is. Guys, this is the site. This is the site. But the name is different. There is no difference from us. We have channeled it. All that is required of you is that you eyeball the second one and finish until it is added. 

Advertisements On this I don't need more from you than that Same story guys I'm on this site The same story So no, these are projects I took how many coins I took five coins I took one coin I took ten coins I took What I took here says wait ten seconds instead of five seconds because of my profit from it I'm forced to Here I earned more, so finish this and go to this. 

Finish this and go to this. Add the advertisements or sites that I will leave to you in the description. Work on it. Solve this equation. Six plus one seven is fine. I took my Giza. Oh, guys. I took one point forty from one click, why? I'm here to wait ten seconds. 

As I told you, the more it works, the more your click will cost. This is what I want to tell you in today's episode. I don't want to make it longer for you. An easy topic.

A simple topic. All you need is to register on the site. In the video description, I will leave you the site link. This and the link to the other website are in the video description. You will be afraid and working on this account and this account, and you and your share, and you and your work. 

You will see more coins, you will withdraw more, and as I told you, you can withdraw from the first two cents. It does not require any effort from you. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. I will see you, God willing. In a new episode, thank you and may God’s peace, mercy, and blessings be upon you

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