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Earning 30$ from a Free Site : Discover the Hidden Truth | make money online 2023

Earning 30$ from a Free Site : Discover the Hidden Truth | make money online 2023

May the peace, blessings, and mercy of God be upon you. Welcome to a new video. In today's video we will talk about a very, very easy site that we all earn from and make very, very good profits from by watching ads and clicking on ads.

You will find the website link in the video description and in the first pinned comment. Of course, this is a short episode. The big episode contains all the details. You will find a link to it in the video description.

If you have a lot of questions, you will find them in the big episode. Thank you for watching the video. I hope you will subscribe to the channel and activate the bell button on everyone so that you will receive notifications of all new videos.

Earning 30$ from a Free Site : Discover the Hidden Truth | make money online 2023

I am here on the channel offering you free explanations for making money from the Internet, so I ask you please, and it is not an order, that you subscribe to the channel to support us and do not forget to like the video. Ok, how do we register on the site?

The first time you click on the link in the article, this page will open with you. You will click on get started in this way and start writing your username here, for example, like Abu Malik. You, for example, write Mustafa Ahmed. Whatever your email is here, make sure that it is An email is working here. 

ou will click on I am not a robot and you will click on Sign Up. That's it. You have created an account on the site. You do not need any other steps.

When you register on the site, the page opens in front of you in this way. So, what should I do then to be able to withdraw from the site? First, you will find that everything in front of you is zero, and the balance that increases you have in the Main Balance does not have an invitation to the balance that was deposited.

This is an additional thing on the site that is paid, but you can work for free. . You want to work for free. You can also work in a paid form at your convenience, but you can work for free. So, how will you work? You have something here called paid to click. This is about ads that open this ad for thirty seconds.

We left a small ad in it so that the video is not long. It lasts twenty seconds and it will take eight coins. All I do is thanks to opening the page for twenty seconds.

When these twenty seconds end, eight are added. I have coins in my account. I make the first withdrawal when I reach two thousand coins.

But I advise you to wait until you reach ten,zero coins. Because the payeer will not hear more than this amount. They tell me that you have received or received eight coins, and so on for the rest of the ads. Of course, these advertisements are renewed, meaning you will finish these advertisements.

These advertisements are renewed, and this happened to me, and I do not work on them directly or work on them continuously.

After that, you have FAUCET. This FAUCET is renewed every twenty-four hours. Of course, I have been doing it for a while. Every day, the profit is more than the next.

There is a button here that you press and it will bring you, for example, twenty coins or twenty coins, each day is more than the next.

These short links are pages like the ones that were on the previous site, which you trample on in this way and find advertisements. Click on “I am not a robot,” of course.

It tells you to choose the bicycle. This is the shape. You click on “Complete,” and it opens an advertisements page for you, and so on.

You will wait ten seconds to shorten these ads links or click on these links. Of course, if you are not turning on ad blocking, it will disgust you a little and you will find a lot of ads. You are turning on blocking ads. Okay. He tells you to wait, you will click on completion.

You will wait ten seconds, of course, it will be a little long, but in the end, the goal is that we earn good profits in light of the weak profits. YouTube and the site are honest, and I have withdrawn from it more than once, and you will now see for yourself. I got the link. That's it. I'm done like that. You took eighteen coins.

Ok, after that, you have the daily reward. The daily reward is the same story you fear every day. You choose it and take your daily reward every day. Of course, it differs from the other and from one person to the other, depending on your daily profit. Affiliate.

If you also want to work on this site and shop through the site, you will find your link in this place. You take the link in this form and start marketing for it on your channel on your site, whatever the percentage of the affiliate. . O God, bless the Messenger of God. Of course, if you want to make an advertisement for your site, you can make an advertisement from here.

You can pay for the site and make an advertisement for your site. How many seconds are there on the site and you pay the flour to visit the unit and so on? I have not tried it yet, but I am also telling you its method and you would like to try it or work on it. Okay.

What is the paid story that can also bring me profits on an ongoing basis? If we go back like this, you will find here that the currencies increase directly.

I mean, I am not doing anything. It is if I am afraid of advertising or anything, but it increases because I did something called multiple currencies. What are the various currencies? It starts from the first ten dollars. I paid ten dollars to the site via Payeer. Every day I pay to the site in addition to the free profit.

I increase my profits in a faster and continuous manner, and of course the more you increase the amount you make as a deposit, the more the percentage increases, meaning one hundred,zero currencies. These mean ten dollars.

one hundred,zero currencies mean ten dollars. I am telling you to withdraw from the first ten,zero currencies in order to withdraw one dollar, if we click on withdrawing profits. These are the proofs of withdrawal.

Of course, you can withdraw via Payeer or via suitable money. These are guys. The proofs of withdrawal are one dollar, two dollars, and three dollars. Two dollars, five, one, two, four, three. These dates are the last date or the last date, two seven, twenty three, and twenty three.

This is all. The amount that I withdrew from the site is a total of thirty-six dollars. This is in short the site, and these are the proofs of withdrawal.

You want to know what details you will find in the compiled video in the video description, and you will find a registration link in the article in the video description in the first comment beforehand. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

I will show you that. God willing, in a new episode. Thank you. May the peace, mercy, and blessings of God be upon you

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